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Pet Urine & Odor Treatment

Pet Odor Removal Done The Right Way

When your pet has an accident on your carpeting, their urine is acidic. But it doesn’t stay that way. As the urine dries, it becomes alkaline, forming urea salts that attract moisture and keep odor-causing bacteria alive for years. It also oxidizes, which causes the yellowing effect on your carpeting and floors. Oxidation, along with the ammonia and urochrome in urine, can permanently dye the color of your carpet if not correctly treated.

Steam Cleaning Can Make Pet Odors Worse

The water from the steam cleaner reactivates the enzymes and bacteria in pet urine that cause the odor. To make matters even worse, wet carpet backing creates a musty mildew smell. Shampoos, chemicals, and air fresheners only mask the odors for a while. They are always lurking, waiting to resurface on a warm, humid day.

How To Remove Pet Odors

The only way to treat urine properly is to neutralize and destroy the bacteria and odor at their source. Our proprietary pet treatment process and products are 100% safe for floors, fabrics, and furniture.

Most importantly, it is safe for your four-legged friend. And you won’t be reminded of your pet’s accident every time the humidity rises.

“AMAZING – this company exceeded all expectations! They were helpful on the phone, made setting the appointment easy with my schedule, and were professional and courteous, with a great sense of humor at the appointment. Everything was explained in great detail, and they went above and beyond to clean my couch. I would highly recommend this company!”

–Michelle U.

Pets Have Other Odors Too!

Accidents are common when housebreaking a pet or caring for an older pet, but urine isn’t the only odor that comes from our pets. There is also the classic “wet-dog” smell that Fido gets whenever it rains. And during Minnesota winters, the snow clings to their fur and causes an odor. All of these things are part of having a pet.

Thankfully, we can eliminate those odors with our non-toxic carpet and upholstery cleaning process. So whether you need your carpeting cleaned, an area rug, or even a mattress, Ace Carpet Cleaning is here for you.

Has Your Pet Had an Accident?

We can clean your upholstery, area rugs, and carpet the right way, eliminating odor, bacteria, and most stains for good.